Celeb Inspired Trend - The Safari Jacket

Hi girlies,
Unless you have closed your eyes while reading magazines or walking around the shops lately you will have noticed that Safari jackets are EVERYWHERE  !!
This time around we are seeing hints of leather to give it a 2012 edge.

*Images above sourced on Google.

As you can see Miley Cyrus, Cheryl & Jessica Alba are all rocking the trend.

Last year I managed to avoid the whole Parka thing as I honestly thought it wasn't me, being the girly girl that I am... BUT this year I decided I wanted to be on trend so I bit the bullet & tried the Parka's hood less, less lined & less furry cousin.. The Safari Jacket(minus the leather sleeves) and guess what ? I loved it that much it came home with me!!

I got this one  in New Look (the Internet pic doesn't do it justice) for 45euro quite pricey but considering the dreaded W word (cough WINTER cough) is coming up I decided it would be a good purchase. OOTD to follow when I decide what the hell to wear it with!!

Lord knows why it is showing up this colour but I promise it is as Khaki as Miley & Jessica's in the pics above!!

There are countless Safari jackets on the high street & indeed on the catwalks but to save you the hassle I have scoured the net to find you the best leather & indeed leather-less versions.. on the high street of course;)

Leather-sleeved Safari Jacket - £55 RiverIsland
Leather-sleeved Safari Jacket - £79.99 REDUCED TO £15.99 Zara
Safari Jacket - £39.99 Newlook (my one)
Leather-sleeved Safari Jacket - £65 Topshop
Army print Safari Jacket - £58 Topshop
Short Safari Jacket - £18 Boohoo
Leather-sleeved Safari Jacket - £40 Boohoo
Leather-sleeved Safari Jacket - £50 Boohoo
Beige leather-sleeved Safari Jacket - £48.99 Missguided
Safari Jacket - £29.99 Missguided
Sleeveless Safari Jacket - £31.99 Missguided

Which one is your fav?
Have you already got your hands on one of my high street picks?
Do you like this trend?
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx


  1. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    i'm seriously in love with this trend atm! im just waiting for my bank balance to let me buy one of these coats ;) xx

    1. Haha thanks for your comment hun :)

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