Review - Primark's £1/€1.50 False Nails and Nail Art Designs.

Hi girlies,
If you follow my blog's Facebook (!/lolarosebloger ) you will know I couldn't wait to share my review on these nails with you.

I can honestly say I have tried basically every brand of french polish (plain with white tip) false nails there are, from Broadway, to kiss, to Elegant touch I've tried them all but none of the above have got as much compliments and are as long lasting as Penney's finest, as we Irish say!

The first time I used these nails I used my own nail glue as I didn't want to rely on the glue that came with a €1.50 pack of false nails, but I should have been more trusting!

I can easily get a week out of wearing these false nails while doing normal tasks and working, ie. not giving them any special treatment. The glue is of the same quality as glue from Broadway nails which cost €9.

I absolutely love the finish of these nails, if I had a penny for everytime someone asked me where they gels I could afford two sets of gels !!

You don't have to keep these nails in there natural state you can easily paint over them...
Have you tried these nails?
Until next time girlies..LolaRose xx


  1. I always wear these nails in between getting my acrylics done. They're so perfect!

  2. oh wow, they sound amazing! cant beat 1.50

  3. I have seen these in Primark and am always astounded by how cheap they are. And some of the designs are fab! I think they look great on your nails! x

  4. Wow they're so cheap! I wished that they have Primark in Australia. x

    Tanya | Cat at Heart

  5. SUCH a bargain!

  6. Nail art is one of the excellent ways of”>body painting. .Nowadays women as well as men are interested in this.


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