Skincare routine - Clarins Daily Energizer Range

Hi girlies,

I often get asked about my skincare routine and I decided to share with you my 'go to' products for keeping those pesky blemishes at bay. My main new year's resolution, other than blogging more, is to
follow a daily skincare routine as best as I possibly can, as believe it or not I've never had one, what sort of beauty blogger am I!

I have the most sensitive skin there possibly is, and so highly fragranced lotions and potions never really mix well with my skin. However, when I finally tried my Clarins products, which were sitting in my drawer for over a year *slap to the wrists*, I was surprized at the fact that my skin actually accepted these fruity products.

As Clarins is such a major brand I won't go too much into the brand itself, however, as there are so many different ranges of Clarins products, I will review the Daily Energizer range in depth, as it works so well for me and my sensitive, dry skin it may just work for you too!

This range is a first for Clarins,who have only recently set out to create skincare focusing on the 18-25 year old market, in essence, they plan on focusing on the skin damage that fatigue, hangovers and bad eating habits does and what we can do to help cure and prevent further damage to our skin.
 In a nutshell the Daily Energizer range is all about doing what it says on the tin, energizing the skin! My nanny always said to me, "nothing wakes you up better than washing your face with cold water in the mornings", however I think cold water may have just found its match!
This particular range is filled with vitamin C and a cocktail of other energising and brightening products to help make the skin look and feel fresher and healthier.
Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel - when using this gel, I place a pea sized amount onto my damp cleanse off mitt  see review HERE and work it into the skin. The tiniest amount lathers nicely and removes makeup with ease. There is an orange zesty scent to this gel, along with the cream and the booster. This doesn't make your face feel tight but rather fresh and awake. The beauty of this product is that is will last ages, I can honestly see my still using this same tube 4/5 months later as you really do only need the smallest drop.

The cleansing gel can be purchased in Boots, Arnotts or Debenhams for €13.25 for 75ml ( price)

Daily Energizer Wake Up Booster - basically this is a toner which gives your skin the most amazing awake and fresh feeling. I can honestly say I have never used anything which has given my skin this feeling before. It's hard to describe, it closes pores yet doesn't leave the skin tight and uncomfortable like most toners and it certainly wakens you up! It feels cooling on the skin and almost gives the feeling that it is impossible for dirty or bacteria to get into your pores, I did tell you it was hard to describe!!
You can apply this with both your hands or a cotton pad, however, I stick to my hands as I feel you can apply it better. I pour a tiny drop onto my hands and I focus on my t zone when applying. The only problem I have encountered with this product is that when using your hands, it's easy to pour out far more than necessary and then you have to attempt to pour it back into the tiny bottle, which let's face it, never works. 

You can get your hands on the Wake Up Booster in all the outlets mentioned above for €18.50 for 125 ml ( price)

Daily Energizer Cream - this, for me, is the piece de resistance of the entire range. The scent, the feeling it leaves on the skin and how little you need to apply is just amazing. It is no surprize that this
cream has won numerous awards such as 'Best Day Cream' in Elle Beauty Awards 2011. Despite the pot being a tiny 30ml, it will last ages, just like the rest of the products mentioned above, providing that your mum doesn't stick her finger in it like mine tends to! This cream is recommended for dry to normal skin and is idea for women in their 20's who like me want to start looking after their skin before it looks like an old boot! This cream is light on the skin , yet luxurious and feels amazing to the touch, I'm honestly hooked!

This cream can be purchased in the shops above for €24.25 for 30ml ( price)

And there you have it folks, an extremely wordy review! Sometimes I feel a review needs to be in depth like this one in order for you all to decide whether it will suit your skin as well as it has mine, however, if  you would like my blog to remain essay free in the future, feel free to say so!!

Have you tried any Clarins products?
What's your favourite range?
Until next time girlies.. LolaRose xx

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  1. Oh great review! I have yet to try these three products from Clarins! :)


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